Climate Action & Environment

Be part of the movement to live sustainably.

The San Francisco Bay Area takes a strong stand for climate action & the environment.

Do we still?

The Bay Area’s average temperature increased by 1.7°F from 1950-2005

Future increases in temperature will likely cause longer and deeper California droughts, posing major problems for water supplies, natural ecosystems, and agriculture. (photo credit: T. Kelley)

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Several studies suggest that coastal fog along the California coast is less frequent than before.

The fog is critical to our Bay Area climate, supporting the Redwood trees, forest ecosystems, and protecting us from drought. (photo credit: M. Hammoutene)

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Sea level in the Bay Area has risen over 8 inches in the last 100 years.

Much of the Bay Area’s transportation system — airports, roads, and railways — is concentrated along the bay where flooding from sea level rise and storm surge is a major vulnerability. Wastewater treatment plants, historically located along bay shorelines where effluent discharge was convenient, are now highly vulnerable to future sea level rise. (photo credit: M. Hammoutene)

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Why support SF Bay Area environmental organizations?

Clean Water & Sanitation

Local organizations do things to help to improve wastewater discharge, like install greywater gardens and bioswales.

Affordable & Clean Energy

The SF Bay Area has programs to improve access to affordable and clean energy.

Responsible Consumption & Production

Recycle and reuse nonprofits in the Bay Area support community sustainability.

Climate Action

Local action everywhere is important to fight against climate change.

Life Below Water

The SF Bay and tributaries is home to important underwater life, like sea lions, great white sharks, and giant kelp.

Life on Land

Planting trees helps reduce CO2 emissions and provides habitat for sensitive wildlife.

Featured Projects

There are many local San Francisco Bay Area activists working to restore the environment and fight climate change locally.

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Environmental Action around Town

Community coming together to fight climate change.